Services Included Bronze Silver Gold
Reconcile company credit cards bronze_tick silver_tick gold_tick
Reconcile company bank accounts bronze silver gold
Calculate and file sales taxes due bronze silver gold
Prepare year-end reports for accountant bronze silver gold
Unlimited support calls bronze silver gold
Complimentary QuickBooks Online Accounting software use bronze silver gold
Complimentary secure file sharing software use bronze silver gold
Owner’s Peace of Mind bronze silver gold
Set up new clients in Quickbooks Online   silver gold
Create and issue invoices   silver gold
Verify and process bill payments   silver gold
Complimentary expense automation software   silver gold
Process payroll for employees     gold
Track and record employee expenses     gold
Handle all collections, develop AR aging procedure, customer statements, overdue interest     gold
Manage invoice and bill payment disputes     gold
Complimentary online payroll software use     gold
Business process consulting, Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) development, special projects, customized reports     gold