Q. How do I know NumbersWise will “understand” my business?

A. NumbersWise focuses on your industry—the IT service provider space! We get it because we’ve worked in this industry for many years! NumbersWise understands the tools you use and the services you provide. With this knowledge, NumbersWise can keep your books and administrative department organized in a way that makes sense to you.

Q. I am used to having someone in the office with me, can a remote relationship really work for this?

A. Definitely. We won’t argue with the benefit of personal relationships and building trust, but we believe that we can adopt that personal relationship with you over time. You work in the technology sector so we know you already embrace technology, and we share your view. NumbersWise uses a variety of secure cloud-based tools to facilitate web conferencing, secure file sharing, electronic document management, and of course our accounting software. Everything can be accessed securely from your desktop computer, laptop computer, and any mobile device!

Q. How do I know my information is confidential?

A. We take your issues with confidentiality seriously. That’s why we insist on sharing sensitive information between us using a secure encrypted messaging service. In addition, we do not undertake a project without a written agreement completed first, and this agreement includes an extensive confidentiality clause. We’d be happy to share this agreement with you at any time.

Q. How do I know that my data with you is protected?

A. Data protection is a high priority for us. We back up our data every night using a secure cloud-based data backup service, and that data is encrypted at all times. The data is stored in Canada at all times, but we can store it in another location at your request. NumbersWise uses QuickBooks Online, and those files are automatically backed up by Inuit.

Q. How do I pay for these services?

A. All of our fees are fixed and monthly. We’ll provide you with an invoice each month, and we accept any pre-authorized payment methods, including secure bank transfers, payment portals, and credit card payments.

Q. Are there any hidden fees?

A. We embrace the same model you do. We provide monthly services for a fixed monthly fee for the duration of our agreement. We do not charge by the hour so you will not receive any surprise invoices from us. In some situations, there may be overage charges based on a few variables, but we’ll discuss these with you in advance. In addition, we offer some value-added services over and above our fixed fee model, and we’re happy to explain those options to you at any time.