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Does Your Existing Bookkeeper Deliver These 5 Things?

Everyone’s Had Experience With Bookkeepers and Other Administration Staff, but Choosing the Right One Can Make a Huge Difference to Your Business.

If you’re like most small IT businesses, you’ve worked with bookkeepers and other admin staff over the years with various degrees of success. Chances are, you’ve had your share of struggles managing the administrative workload. After all, most IT business owners struggle to make clear decisions because they’re overwhelmed with cash flow crises, collections challenges, late bill payments, and looming invoicing deadlines.

Choosing the right bookkeeper can make a world of difference. Having someone handle your books that is knowledgeable, experienced, organized, conscientious, and available when you need them makes it easier for a business owner to manage their business, and focus on the important things that need to get done.

If you’re currently experiencing administrative challenges, ask yourself if your existing bookkeeping and admin staff is delivering these 5 things for you right now:

  1. 100% Satisfaction or You Don’t Pay
    • I’m sure we’ll agree that managing an administrative department is not easy, but if you are really experiencing challenges, wouldn’t it be nice if you got a break on the staffing fees?
  1. Zero Missed Tax Filing Deadlines
    • Have you ever scrambled to make a tax deadline, or even worse, missed it altogether? Tax deadlines are no fun. Being organized, prepared, and accurate is essential when it comes to filing taxes.
  1. Fixed Fees With Zero Surprises
    • Like most businesses, you’re probably paying your bookkeeper by the hour. It’s the way it’s always been done. Unfortunately, this means that during the heavy months and at years end you know your bookkeeping expenses are going to climb, and sometimes you’re crossing your fingers hoping you don’t get shocked with an outrageous invoice. A fixed fee would bring predictability to your expenses, as well as less stress knowing that you’re not getting nickel and dimed to death.
  1. Knowledge & Familiarity With the IT Services Industry
    • Have you ever tried to explain how your business is different from your bookkeeper’s plumbing/manufacturing/dog grooming/restaurant clients? Do you get frustrated when they don’t remember the acronyms and suppliers? Have you ever wondered how that lack of knowledge slows their productivity (resulting in more hours worked and charged)?
  1. FREE Unlimited Support
    • A complaint I often hear is that a bookkeeper only works certain hours or certain days, and it’s impossible to reach them outside of those times. Furthermore, even if you can reach them in an emergency, the time is being tracked and billed to you. Would being able to reach your bookkeeper anytime with no extra cost involved be important to you?

If you dream of living a calmer, more peaceful life when it comes to your administrative department, it may be wise to do some investigating with your options. You may be pleasantly surprised to learn that you can upgrade your admin staff without blowing the budget.

It’s time to start making wise decisions about your numbers.

Here at NumbersWise, we deliver outsourced bookkeeping, office administration, and business organization to IT service providers across North America. With over 20 years of experience in the tech and cloud space, we can provide your company with financial leadership and proactive solutions for success. 

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