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Bookkeeping & Office Admin Services For IT Companies In South Western Ontario

Bookkeeping, Office Administration & Business Organization Services for IT Service Companies in South Western Ontario!

Feel Confident Knowing Your Financials Are Up-to-Date & Organized!

When you’re busy serving your clients’ IT needs, it’s not always easy to find the time to keep track of your financial development – and often, this lack of time leads to cash flow crises, late bill payments, collection challenges, and various other issues.

NumbersWise offers bookkeeping, administration, and business organization services, as well as various specialized business services for IT service companies in South Western Ontario. Call us at (416) 918-9397 or send us an email at info@numberswise.ca.

Do you want to get out of financial disarray and feel confident knowing your financials are up-to-date and organized? Our packages are available at a flat rate monthly fee:

Bronze – basic bookkeeper:

  • Enter company data into accounting software
  • Reconcile company bank accounts and credit cards monthly
  • Calculate retail sales taxes due
  • Prepare year-end reports for your accountant
  • Present monthly financial dashboard to management team

Silver – office administrator:

  • Everything included in the bronze package
  • Create and issue client invoices/sales receipts (Includes up to 30 invoices per month – extra invoices will be charged at $2.00 per invoice, per month.)
  • Reimburse employee expenses

Gold – chief administrative officer:

  • Everything included in the silver package
  • Process payroll
  • Proactively manage accounts payables and receivables
  • Handle all collections
  • Manage invoice and bill payment disputes
  • Create customized business reports
  • Participate in year-end call/meeting
  • Review business processes on a quarterly basis

We also offer specialized business services, including event planning, office decorating, professional office organizing, and travel arrangements.

From 2004 to 2013, I founded and managed an IT services company based in the Toronto area. During that span, we built a multi-million dollar recurring revenue business, our credit rating was A+, we never missed payroll, our days' sales outstanding was under 40 days, we had exactly 0 legal disputes, experienced 0 retail tax issues, and we had less than $5,000 in bad debt. In 2013, I sold my company to an $800 million US-based cloud services company, and my administrative team, led by Nicole, managed the entire process flawlessly.”

Greg Onoprijenko, Former President & Owner – e-ternity Business Continuity Consultants Inc.
Greg Onoprijenko, Former President & Owner – e-ternity Business Continuity Consultants Inc.

Looking for more information? Need bookkeeping, office administration, and business organization services for your South Western Ontario IT service company?

Call us at (416) 918-9397 or send us an email at info@numberswise.ca.

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