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An IT Managed Services Company in Mississauga Looks to NumbersWise for the Best MSP Bookkeeping & Administration Services

NumbersWise Helps e-ternity with the Best Bookkeeping Services for IT Managed Services Companies!

Bookkeeping services for IT managed services companies

e-ternity Business Continuity Consultants, Inc. (e-ternity), a top IT consulting and cloud services company in Mississauga, was founded in 2004 to provide exceptional IT services and support for businesses across Canada. After six months of operating without a bookkeeper or administrator, e-ternity knew it was time to stop struggling and hire someone who was capable of handling the administrative aspect of their business.

For most managed services providers (MSPs), exceptional bookkeeping and administration services are invaluable for the purpose of keeping track of their financial transactions/events, avoiding costly mistakes, and saving time.

The Situation: An MSP Struggling to Focus on Their Clients While Handling Bookkeeping and Administration On Their Own

As a busy MSP striving to focus on their clients instead of their bookkeeping/administration processes, e-ternity decided to enlist a professional to help them out. Greg Onoprijenko, President & Co-Founder of e-ternity, explained, “Small businesses and MSPs traditionally struggle with administration and keeping their books updated.”

He continued, “They have difficulty handling their payables and receivables and it’s not easy making clear decisions because they’re always struggling with that administrative aspect of their business.”

The Solution: A Business Administrative Services Firm That Goes Above & Beyond to Stay Accurate & Organized

After Nicole Pharand, now President of NumbersWise, took over their administrative and bookkeeping processes, e-ternity’s executive team was able to focus on managing the business as opposed to worrying about administrative tasks. Greg explained, “Nicole did an incredible job! Invoices were sent correctly and paid on time. She handled all the payables, all the receivables, paying our taxes, managing payroll, pretty much everything under that umbrella. It was an immediate positive impact and quality improvement once she took over.”

NumbersWise was able to eliminate stress and challenges commonly associated with bookkeeping and administration. Greg offered some insight, “Her accuracy is incredible. In 10 years, we had zero invoice disputes or customer conflicts related to invoices. Nicole has a strong background in administration and financial management and she’s an organized person.”

When e-ternity decided to leverage ConnectWise, NumbersWise was able to accommodate with ease! “Nicole embraced ConnectWise and adopted it more than anyone else in the company! She even attended various local ConnectWise workshops and attended their annual conference in Orlando.”

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